VineyardAppCamp Platform
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5 Onward

Students work on their first projects: a first website (Beginner 2)

Students review HTML and learn more with Beginner 3 and Beginner 4

Students finish their websites and HTML projects

Students split up into pairs and start learning how to use AppBuilder (Beginner 5 and 6)

Students start their nonprofit projects (Beginner 7)! Have students spend class finding local nonprofits they want to create apps for and emailing them using our template

Students start their personal apps (Beginner 9): they should start an individual project, a simple app to show off to family and friends

Students wireframe the nonprofit projects for the nonprofits that got back to them (Beginner 8). They spend the rest of the class working on their nonprofit project in pairs (Beginner 10) and their personal projects (Beginner 9)

Students split up into groups at the beginner of each class and work on their nonprofit projects (each student chooses which app they want to work on, of the ones that got back to you). They should work in pairs, spend the first twenty minutes making the apps better!

In the middle of class, have students split into pairs and continue with challenges to learn new kinds of code they are interested in (for example, if they are interested in adding videos to their apps, they do Challenge 6, Videos)

Students spend the rest of class working on personal apps

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